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Application for Minor Amendments

Important - Read this before you start your application:

  • Applications need to be submitted in one go (you cannot save a partially completed application form);
  • Ensure you have all plans, documents, certificates, notices, etc that are required before starting the application process;
  • Before starting the process make sure you read and understand the Guidance Notes for submission of Minor amendment Applications
  • All or some of the following notices and certificates will be required for your application:
  • It is important that we are able to readily identify the amendments that are being made to the originally approved plan. You must therefore submit the approved plans together with the corresponding amended plans clearly showing where the changes have been made (it would be helpful if you annotate these by the use of "clouds" Cloud icon around the area to be amended)."
  • Once your application has been successfully submitted you will receive a confirmation email with a copy of the completed application attached.

When you are ready to make your application press the START button below to start the process.